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New jam space, pics & news

Hey folks,

We recently moved into a new rehearsal place and I thought I’d share those sweet pics our #1 fan (my girlfriend) took while we were rockin’ out and settling in.






As for the recording of the album, we’re still working on lyrics for the new songs. It might be a perilous journey but we’ll get there. Indie bands like us have but one luxury and it’s having the freedom to take the time to make things properly, so we’ll make sure to give you guys our very best effort.

Meanwhile we’re rehearsing the new stuff for our upcoming gigs this fall. Check out the new dates in the tour section!

Later punks.




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  • Pépite on

    I thought there was a couch. Where’s the couch.

    • Simon Champagne on

      I guess you’ll have to come see for yourself 😀

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