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Studio update – October 2014

So… the album.

Well, I must admit that I feel like it’s taking forever. Actually it is! We’ve been at it since January 2013. And so, here we are, 21 (!) months later, still recording this new opus. I would never have thought it would take us so long. Looking back, it’s almost funny to think that we were expecting a summer/fall release at the beginning of the project!

Saying that we’ve haven’t  respect our deadline is a bit of an understatement. The thing is, as much as we’d like to do this full time, the reality dictates otherwise and our personal schedules allow us only a handful of actual recording days in a month. That’s life. Plus we still try to practice once in a while so that we can keep the live band perspective on things.

The good side of it is that we’ve grown a lot in this process and as we are now well underway in recording all the vocals, these song have grown a lot with us. We’ve pushed things far beyond what we could have done 2 years ago. The risk with long projects is always that things might not sound as fresh as they should. But I think we overcame this by re-thinking many of the original vocal parts so that most of the songs now feel bran new. Some of them actually are, since they were not written when we initially tracked the musical parts… So yep, we’re pretty pumped and even though release dates are yet spoken of only in dark alleys, very discretely, almost with disdain and fear, we can see the end approaching and it’s a good source of motivation.

We’re really proud of these songs and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like them too. It’s a big step forward in every aspect of our art and I can’t wait to share this with you guys.






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