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Video shoot and studio update – January 2015

We had lots of fun this past week-end as we shot a video for a song called “Cliffhanger”, which is going to be the first single from the new album. The video is going to be pretty straight forward, it’s us, in our studio, rockin’ out. But from the rough footage I’ve seen, I think it’s going to be really dynamic visually. More on that later.

I’m glad to report that, the main vocal tracks are all recorded. Serge did an amazing job. It’s by far the best performances I’ve had the pleasure to hear from him. Also as producer of the project, I’m really proud of the sonic aspect of the whole thing. I feel we did quite a lot with very little. Although, we had the chance to borrow some nice gear (mmm stuff with tubes. Lots of them.) from our good friend Evens (yes that Evens) which helped us shape great vocal tones, and I’m very grateful for that.

So the next weeks are going to be devoted to background vocals, harmonies and all that stuff. There’s going to be quite a lot going on in that aspect on the record so there’s still lot of work left to do. And since we have a couple of songs completed in their entirety, I’m going to start mixing in parallel to that (geek pun intended).

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